UltraShape and VelaShape Body Contouring and Cellulite treatment

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1.  What is this treatment?

It is a very effective non-surgical solution for body contouring and treatment of cellulite 

2.  How does UltraShape and VelaShape work?

UltraShape uses ultrasound to selectively destroy fat cells without damaging the surrounding structures such as blood vessels and nerves. VelaShape  combines different technologies;  Infrared  and  Radio Frequency heats  the  tissues  that  stimulates  fibroblasts  ultimately resulting  in  reduced  skin  laxity  and  improving skin texture. It also works by a suction/ massage effect that causes an immediate increase in circulation and lymphatic drainage thus helping to reduce cellulite. 

3. What are UltraShape and VelaShape used for?

It is a non-surgical solution for body contouring and treatment of cellulite. UltraShape    selectively destroys  fat  calls  in  areas  like  the  abdomen,  flanks  and  thighs. VelaShape offers full body circumference reduction and reduction of cellulite. 

4.  Can they be used together?  

When combined together the results are much better. 

5.  How effective is the treatment?

A study showed a 3.2cm reduction of fat after a single combined treatment.  However, the effects vary from client to client. 

6.  Is the treatment safe? 

No adverse  effects are usually experienced. 

7.  It there any downtime after such treatment?

 There is no downtime after such treatments and clients can resume their normal activities immediately. 

8.  Who will perform the treatment at Richmond Cosmetic Clinic?

All the treatments are performed by or under supervision of our doctor. 

9.  How do I achieve the best  result?

Best  results are  achieved  by  having  a  course  of  treatment  over  6  weeks  (3 UltraShape  and  6  VelaShape  treatments).