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Dermal Fillers

At Bedford Skin Clinic we use various facial fillers and injectables.

These include:

  1.  Restylane® products: Restylane®, Perlane®, Restylane® Touch, Restylane® SubQ, Restylane® Lipp and Restylane® Vital.
  2.  Juvederm® products: Juvederm® Ultra, Juvederm® Ultra smile, Juvederm® Volume and Juvederm® Hydrate.
  3. Radiesse® Volumising Filler
  4. Belotero® products: Belotero® Soft, Belotero® Basic and Belotero® Intense

We use various types of injectables for treatment of wrinkles on the face, hands and chest area. Complete rejuvenation! Results are visible instantly. At Bedford Skin Clinic we also use various dermal fillers for chin and cheek augmentations, V lifts of the face, face tightening, neck tightening and rejuvenation of neck, décolletage area and the hands. The effects of the dermal fillers are instant and you will walk out of the clinic looking younger and brighter.

Please read the information about the individual fillers. During your pre-treatment assessment, the doctor will recommend you the dermal filler best suited for you.

Side effects of injecting with dermal fillers are uncommon. These include bruising that usually settles in a few days and lumpiness that disappears after a few days of massaging. Most of the dermal fillers can be dissolved if the results of the injection are unsatisfactory. At Bedford Skin Clinic we numb all our clients with a topical anaesthetic, use cooling therapy before the treatment and most of the dermal fillers we use contain lignocaine (a local anaesthetic) making the injections much less uncomfortable.